Call center

Media connect is a global contact center outsourcing company that delivers innovative, quality-driven, customer service solutions, across all industry segments. Using the most advanced technology, comprehensive insights, and brand specialists for each account, Media connect is able to provide a multichannel approach, via voice, live chat, e-mail and social media management. This customizable, customer care method allows clients to utilize business insights to deliver lifetime customer loyalty and increase incremental revenue. Media connect team takes pride in creating a top to bottom brand alignment for clients to create the ideal customer experience.

Media connect is one of the nation’s premier outsourced call centers. We have four decades of experience delivering high-quality, high-touch services for a wide range of clients, including such nationally known and respected brands as Crate&Barrel, National Geographic, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Zara, among many others. We are exclusively U.S.-based, and our Brand Care Specialists represent your brand with a level of knowledge and enthusiasm that results in higher customer service scores, better conversion rates, and higher Average Order Value (AOV). In your search for a call center outsourcing partner, you have hundreds of providers and dozens of locations to choose from. Whether you’re conducting the search yourself or are working with a consultant, you’re evaluating all the relevant criteria: cost, quality, service, flexibility, scalability, technology, experience and culture. You need a partner that delivers measurable value… Our focus on product knowledge and quality service adds significant value to your brand. It helps increase revenues and profits, and boosts the lifetime value (LTV) of customers. After all, you’ve created a brand with a good reputation and built an image of a caring, customer focused business—now you’re looking for an outsourced contact center that can deliver the kind of experience with your brand that your customers expect. That’s our core competency, and we believe we do it better and more cost-effectively than anyone else. With so many outsourced call centers to choose from, and each with different strengths, experts agree that the trick is to find the best match, and the way to do that is through a proven, structured selection process. If you’d like some guidance on starting this process, or if you’re already at the RFI or RFP stage we’d be happy to discuss. We invite you to call us anytime to discuss any aspect of our company. Better yet, we invite you to come visit us in person—at any stage in your selection process. You can meet our owners and Brand Care Specialists. You’ll experience the enthusiasm, identification with our clients’ brands, and commitment to service that sets us apart from other outsourced contact centers. What’s the next step? We’d love to hear what your specific needs are and discuss how we can meet them. Just fill out our short contact form and we’ll get in touch right away.